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Production Processing/Equipment

Production Processing

Production of artificial grass thread

With precise setting and management of processing Rquality standards, we produce Korea’s best-quality threads of various types.

Artificial grass tufting

With tufting equipment exclusive for long and short piles, we ensure top-quality processing and processing inspection.

Fabric coating

With our eco-friendly processing and coating technology, we guarantee excellent durability.

Eco-friendly artificial grass—just like natural grass~

Biland Co. Ltd. accompishes technical value through the passion and efforts. Through the synergy effects of natural grass feel and the longterm use of artificial grass, we produce artificial grass that feels and looks like natual grass.

Status of the Equipment

No. Legal Name of the Equipment Name of the Equipment Owned Nominal capacity
1 Raw Resin formulation Process Raw Material Mixer Raw Material Mixer  
2 Threading Equipment Threading Machine Threading Machine PE Mono Yarns for Artificial Turf
3 Production Equipment for Artificial Turf Looms/Weaving Machines Loom/Weaving Machine No 2 5/32, 3/8 Gauge Cut
Loom/Weaving Machine No. 6 5/16, 5/8 Gauge Cut
4 Processing Equipment/ Facilities Processing Equipment Processing Equipment Processing of 2.4M~4.2M Width Fabrics
5 Cutting Equipment
6 Winding Equipment
7 Back Coating Processing Equipment
8 Landscaping facility Landscaping facility Public facilities, playing facilities, sports facilities