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From planning/designing to final installation, we provide customers with consistent support

We have world’s best equipments for successful construction of artificial grass fields. Our skillful and experienced technicians reward to our customers with responsible care and service. Our expert A/S Team carries out maintenance according to follow-up schedule.

Only for SMG(Sportchamp, Caremax) A/S

Division / Work content
Pile Rasing Double Brushes for Pile Raising and Flattening
Vacuum Cleaning Made possible through simultaneous rotation of the brush
Remark Maintenance Equipment only for A/S

Only for SMG (Sandmatic) installation

Division / Work content
Ground Width Width of 1.5 m possible, the best in Korea
Ground Height 25cm
Pile Raising Maintaining of the right angle by carrying out the grounding and brushing simultaneously
Remark Fine Laying Possible using remote controls

Maintenance & A/S process

Flaw register
Field check
Defect repair